MUSLEModified Universal Soil Loss Equation
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Integration of Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation (MUSLE) into a GIS framework to assess soil erosion risk.
O procedimento para a modelagem da producao de sedimento consistiu na determinacao dos parametros necessarios para utilizacao da MUSLE, em que alguns desses fatores foram obtidos com o auxilio do SIG (programa ArcGis), e os demais fatores foram obtidos com auxilio do programa ABC.
Therefore, the following equation is adopted for calculations as recommended by MUSLE in the case of observation data lack [43]
For hernial repair in dogs, if musle weakness or loss of muscle occurs in long standing cases, porcine small intestinal sub mucosa (Ettinger and Feldman, 2005) or prolene mesh could be adopted.
Soil water parameters (final) used for calibration/ validation of the Tolga series Ferrosol at Kairi Research Station Depth Airdry Lower limit Upper limit Saturation [K.sub.sat] (mm) (% vol) (mm/h) 200 12.0 25.0 39.0 47.0 30.0 600 12.0 26.0 39.0 50.0 60.0 1000 12.0 29.0 37.0 51.0 60.0 Other model parameters 4.0 Stage II soil evaporation Cona 8.5 Stage I soil evaporation limit, U (mm) 73.0 Runoff curve number CN2 (bare soil) 35.0 Reduction in CN at 100% cover 25.0 Max reduction in CN due to tillage 325.0 Cumulative rainfall (mm) to remove roughness 0.07 MUSLE K Factor (metric units) Table 2.
Abdulrahim Musle, mayor of Yasuf village, said the settlers broke down the door of the mosque and set the second floor into fire.
Como un intento por utilizar la estructura de la USLE en eventos de lluvias generadores de erosion se desarrollo la Ecuacion Universal de Perdida de Suelos Modificada (MUSLE) [40], que analiza eventos en vez de condiciones medias anuales.
The duo of Shuwaiter and Al Salem were unable to play this semi-final match after the former player suffered a torn musle injury in the first round.
On day 6 post-exercise the musle swelling and on day 15 the myalgia subsided.