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MUSMMercer University School of Medicine (Macon, GA)
MUSMMiss You So Much (chat)
MUSMMaster of Music
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Agradezco profundamente a Victor Pacheco (MUSM, Museo de Historia Natural UNMSM), Santiago Burneo (QCAZ, Museo de Zoologia de la Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador) y Jorge Brito (MECN, Museo Ecuatoriano de Ciencias Naturales) por permitirme acceder a los especimenes de las Colecciones cientificas de las que son responsables.
Vistas dorsal, ventral y lateral del craneo de un individuo adulto de Oecomys bicolor (MUSM 16253), ilustrando las 13 medidas seleccionadas para este estudio.
Paratypes labeled as holotype, except as noted: SEMC 1096856, 1096857, 1096858, 1096859, 1096863, 1096864, 1096865, 1096866, 1096873, 1096875 (10, MUSM); 1096877, 1096878, 1096880, 1096881, 1096883, 1096948, 1096951, 1096952, 1096954, 1096956 (10, SEMC), 1096958, 1096960, 1096966, 1096987 (4, PJJC); 9-16.
nigricinctus: MUSM 26791, (1) (32.04mm de LE), Peru, Cusco, Quispicanchi, Camanti Cuenca Araza, Rio San Lorenzo, Quebrada Ilahuala, 396msnm, 26 oct 2005; MUSM 26786, (5) (30.8-34.3mm de LE), Peru, Cusco, Quispicanchi, CamantiCuenca Araza, Rio San Lorenzo, Quebrada Ilahuala, 396 msnm, 26 oct 2005.
We thank Brian Harris (USNM), Jean Michel Maes (MEL), David Lees (NHM) and Gerardo Lamas (MUSM) who gave us access to the satyrine collections in their care, Keith Willmott (MGCL) and Maria Delia Escobar (Venezuela) for their information.
In 1974, she joined the faculty of the newly established Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM) to create and direct its medical library.
Collections from which material was borrowed or deposited include the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (MCZ); the Museo de Historia Natural, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru (MUSM); and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, Colorado, USA (DMNS).
Sylvia Shellenberger, PhD, Department of Family Medicine, Mercer University School of Medicine (MUSM), Macon, Georgia, and Medical Center of Central Georgia (MCCG), Macon, Georgia; M.
It also explains the meaning of chatty and personal internet shortforms such as FWIW, MUSM, ROFL, JMHO and SOHF.
Morgan, The Mary Nicholson Manuscript: its copyists, contents and provenance (MusM diss., U.