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A welcome addition to the PKI forces was Alimin, who had left Indonesia with Muso in 1926.
Muso Soseki, one of the most important Zen patriarchs of 14th- century Japan, left behind numerous calligraphies on themes of particular interest to him, such as nature and religious education.
Muso told reporters that he had instructed his OAS facilitator, Shridath Ramphal, that the borders of Belize had been established, in 1859, from the Rio Hondo in the north, to the Rio Sarstun in the south, to Gracias a Dios in the west.
Fearing this might be another muso industry snotty dig at the 80s, I went on to this amazing thing on the worldwide web called My space and "checked out" one of the alleged top tips for the year, White Lies.
POPS: Former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman, top, and his Rhythm Kings, and folk legend John Martyn, take to the Pops stage for a muso double bill tonight.
Times, though, have moved on, and these days any tuned-in muso will immediately associate 'Roadrunner' with the record company of that name that specialises in metal - and the more aggressive the better.
You'd never see Kate Moss following her muso boyfriend around a muddy field in the latest print from Dorothy Perkins or something floral from Shoezone.
She's been compared to Bjork, Alison Goldfrapp and even Thom Yorke and drooling muso journalists have been touting her as the next big thing since she released her debut album Not Alone in August of 2005.
Veteran muso helmer Barbara Willis Sweete (a founder of Rhombus Media) takes a verite approach, with only a few spare titles to put the TSO's first week under Oundjian in context.
Last year's experimental Zaireeka (four CDs designed to be played simultaneously) was the groundwork for this album, an eclectic mixture of acid pop and lush melodies that should see the band's name on the lips of more than just the muso minority.
HAVING played his bleeding heart out at the Oscars when he performed his song Miss Misery from the Oscar-nominated Good Will Hunting soundtrack, guitar-toting Oregon muso Elliott Smith is coming to Scotland for a one- off gig at Glasgow G2 this Wednesday.
The energetic muso said 'my passion for music overwhelmed me and people started hiring me for parties and weddings.'