MUSPMater University of Queensland Study of Pregnancy (Australia)
MUSPMajor Use Special Permit (Florida)
MUSPMarianist Urban Students Program (St. Louis, MO and Rome, Italy)
MUSPMultiple Use Strategic Plan (Australia)
MUSPMixed Use Sketch Plan (development)
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From this it can be seen that even if the multicast metric matrix is a sparse triangular matrix, the Musp algorithm is more complex than traditional algorithm.
In order to verify the validity of the Musp updating strategy, this paper compares the multicast maximum delay under three multicast updating strategies.
(4) The situation of Musp updating strategy performance
Updating strategies are Peercast [3], SpreadIt [4] and Musp proposed in this paper.
With the further degradation of network performance, the multicast maximum delay of Musp updating strategy becomes the shortest, while the multicast maximum delay of Peercast updating strategy becomes the longest.
The properties of the proposed Musp algorithm are as follows: Firstly, the network model is constructed to describe the stability of multicast tree according to the multicast stable factor.
The MUSP uses data collected from mother-child dyads, with mothers originally recruited at the first antenatal clinical visit to the Mater Mothers' Hospital, a major inner-city hospital in Brisbane, between 1981 and 1983.
Table 1 compares the question used to collect Aboriginal status in MUSP with the Census of the same year (1981), and also with the most recent Census (2011).
In May 2013 I sent a postal invitation to the MUSP offspring who had been recorded in the dataset as Aboriginal due to their mothers' responses in the initial questionnaire 30 years ago and who had previously consented to being followed up by MUSP researchers and had recently completed the 30-year follow-up (hence the availability of up-todate contact details).
I first suspected an issue with Aboriginal identification within MUSP when one invitee telephoned to ask how he or she had been identified as Aboriginal because--to his or her knowledge --no one in the family was Aboriginal.
A couple of days later the same person's mother rang the MUSP project team with a complaint.
Over the next couple of weeks, I and other members of the MUSP project team received calls and emails from those invited to participate.