MUSYMultiple Use Sustained Yield Act
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" explains Jean-Pierre Musy, technical director at Patek Philippe.
Meanwhile the discrepancy in the judgment between few experts can have a significant impact on the selection process, which can be minimized by having more experts to provide assessments on the decision criteria weights (Joerin and Musy 2000; Geneletti 2004; Malczewski 2004; Kangas et al.
The system is a graphic representation, a sort of map, which provides different information about a building, Musy et al.
Because these endogenous terms are responsible for some of the effects of monetary policy in Taylor-contracts models, some authors have argued that the approximations are not innocuous--see, e.g., Westaway (1997) and Musy (2006)--and that the New Keynesian Phillips curve should not be used to represent Taylor staggered contracts.
* Hydronic radiator (or baseboard heating) (Howarth 1985; Lebrun and Ngendakumana 1987; Inard and Molle 1989; Inard and Buty 1991; Musy et al.
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El conflicto espanol desempeno, ademas, un papel, cierto que secundario, en peliculas tan alejadas de la intervencion en este pais como La peste rouge (Jean-Marie Musy, 1938), producida por la Asociacion Suiza contra el Comunismo, como en el film igualmente anticomunista encargado por el gobierno de Vichy Francais vouz avez la memoire courte (Jean Morel y Francois Chavane, 1942) (3), por solo citar dos ejemplos en los que la contienda espanola se convertia en un eslabon mas de una cadena mas vasta de lucha contra el caos comunista que se cernia sobre Europa.
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Andre Musy, professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and director, Soil and Water Institute, Hydrology and Land Improvement Laboratory, Lausanne, Switzerland; Jamie Ortiz-Canavate, professor, Agricultural Engineering Department, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain and George Papadakis, assistant professor, Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece.
They will lay a plaque in the the MusY du Debarquement by the cemetery at Arromanches, where some of their comrades lie.