MUSYMultiple Use Sustained Yield Act
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" explains Jean-Pierre Musy, technical director at Patek Philippe.
Meanwhile the discrepancy in the judgment between few experts can have a significant impact on the selection process, which can be minimized by having more experts to provide assessments on the decision criteria weights (Joerin and Musy 2000; Geneletti 2004; Malczewski 2004; Kangas et al.
The system is a graphic representation, a sort of map, which provides different information about a building, Musy et al.
Because these endogenous terms are responsible for some of the effects of monetary policy in Taylor-contracts models, some authors have argued that the approximations are not innocuous--see, e.g., Westaway (1997) and Musy (2006)--and that the New Keynesian Phillips curve should not be used to represent Taylor staggered contracts.
* Hydronic radiator (or baseboard heating) (Howarth 1985; Lebrun and Ngendakumana 1987; Inard and Molle 1989; Inard and Buty 1991; Musy et al.
1991; Wagenet and Hutson 1996; Di and Aylmore 1997; Soutter and Musy 1998; Hansen et al.
Andre Musy, professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and director, Soil and Water Institute, Hydrology and Land Improvement Laboratory, Lausanne, Switzerland; Jamie Ortiz-Canavate, professor, Agricultural Engineering Department, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain and George Papadakis, assistant professor, Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens, Athens, Greece.
They will lay a plaque in the the MusY du Debarquement by the cemetery at Arromanches, where some of their comrades lie.