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MUTMadden Ultimate Team (gaming)
MUTMass Update Tool
MUTMusic Theory (college course)
MUTMarkt Und Technik (German)
MUTMahanakorn University of Technology (Thailand)
MUTMultimedia und Telekommunikation (German: Multimedia and Telecommunications)
MUTMountain/Ultra/Trail (USATF running council)
MUTMensch Umwelt Technik (German: Humans, Environment, Technology)
MUTMagyar Urbanisztikai Társaság (Hungarian Society for Urban palnning)
MUTMalta Union of Teachers
MUTMauritius Time
MUTMaterial Under Test
MUTMilitary University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)
MUTMake-Up Table (film processing)
MUTMonitor Under Test
MUTModulo Unico Telematico (Italian)
MUTMulti-User Talk
MUTMensch und Umwelt Schonende DB-Trasse (German)
MUTMoralisches Urteil Test (German)
MUTMaximum Uniform Tariff (Australia)
MUTModem Under Test
MUTMuseum of Useful Things (website)
MUTMulti Use Trailer
MUTMarked Up Twext
MUTMcGill Ultimate Team (Canada)
MUTMarket-Driven Understanding of Technology
MUTMünchener Universitäts-Textarchiv (German: Munich University TextArchive)
MUTMussorgsky Theatre (Russia)
MUTMain Unit Task
MUTMensch Umwelt Tier eV (Germany)
MUTMetropolis University of Technology (Superman)
MUTMulti Unit Transporter
MUTMigration in the Province of Utrecht (The Netherlands)
MUTMuscatine Municipal Airfield, Iowa
MUTManpack UHF Terminal
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There were a total of 151 (20.9%) isolates with MUT 1 band (with or without the WT band), indicating mutation at codon S315T1 (Table 2).
Ilse Vogel erzahlt von Mut und Ubermut, von Angst und Erfindungsgeist, und zugleich vom Alltag zwischen brennenden Hausern und rauchenden Trummern, von Hunger und Obdachlosigkeit und dem nachtlichen Schrillen der Sirenen.
For the solution of both [E.sup.p.sub.x] and [E.sup.s.sub.x], the distance and angle of the line source to the MUT are represented by r and [[theta].sub.i] respectively, as detailed in Figure 2.
MuT? based the card game on its annual, global survey, Top 10 Obstacles to Project Success.
The MUT with thickness d=1 cm is imprecisely located in the WR90 rectangular waveguide of sections (22.86x10.16) [mm.sup.2].
Ofrendas que da el Rey a Amon-Ra, Senor de los Tronos de las Dos Tierras; a Mut, Senora de Isheru; a Khonsu de Tebas, el Bueno y Pacifico; a Toth el que (esta) en Hermopolis; a Anubis; a Maat, hija de Ra, para que ellos den vida, prosperidad y salud (y que) mi nombre permanezca en su boca y su casa, para el ka de [...]
The transverse magnetic field in the MUT region of Figure 1 is found by replacing the waveguide probe apertures with equivalent magnetic surface currents [M.sub.1] and [M.sub.2] via Love's equivalence principle [31,32].
Transformants were selected on YPDS agar containing zeocin, and the Mut phenoltype was determined by growing them on selective MD and MM media.
The monster truck of the bunch, the MUT is by far the most capable for the shooting crowd, particularly the AR-shooting set, and also by far the heaviest and most expensive.
WGAM host Marty Tirrell began calling him the Mut Man.
Now Leatherman has jumped into the firearms arena in a big way with the release of their new MUT (Military Utility Tool) multi-tool.
Potiphar's wife, whom Bal has named "Mut" in honor of her courage, vindicates herself in the Qur'an, and thus in Mann's novel, by giving her ladies in waiting sharp knives.