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The scenes in which Quranic verses would be muted are: Hanging of a person, slitting of a person's throat and a terrorist attack.
Concurrently, other composers such as Bizet, Debussy, Hahn, and Ravel experimented a great deal in their treatment and transcription of the muted e, although nowadays little attention, if any, is paid to their directives, as James Bricoe's memo to his edition of Debussy's songs suggests.
It is believed that Indian banks would report muted net profit growth in the July-September quarter.
While some Northeast and West Coast markets may see lower home prices at least on a real inflation-adjusted basis, the higher interest rate environment should have a muted impact on housing as long as the higher rates are the result of stronger income and job gains.
The soft, muted shades are still doing well," said Arash Yaraghi, president of Safavieh, who added that he expects the bright trend will have a relatively short life.
A Revolutionary View of Communication; Cheris Kramarae's Theory of Muted Groups.
As if you care a damn, there is the geranium green of the leaves, the almost cinnamon tint of the flowers, echoed in the small soft bird's cap, the forlorn dead leaf, the muted cornflower blue of the pot with darker shadows.
The fury of populists, progressives and labor unions, he argues, was muted by a number of factors.
1) The muted oboe was used for both technical and expressive reasons in a wide variety of musical styles.