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MUTTMobile Urgent Treatment Team (Milwaukee, WI)
MUTTMilitary Utility Truck Tactical
MUTTMinuteman Upgrade Test Team (USAF AFOTEC)
MUTTMulti-User TIR Tool
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His last rites will be conducted on Thursday and his body will be interred in the Mutt premises in accordance with traditions followed for Hindu seers.
Other sponsors of the Mutt March include: Stuart Fence, FPL, First Watch, IHOP, Starbucks, Seacoast Bank, Apex Pavers and Pools, Lucido and Associates, and Ampersand Shirt Shack.
As a case in point, one of the most productive pheasant dogs I've seen was a ranch mutt of indefinable lineage.
Shankar had established four mutts -- Jyotir Mutt at Badrinath in north, Sarada Mutt at Sringeri in south, Govardhan Mutt at Puri in east and Kalika Mutt at Dwarka in west.
The website explains that dogs understand cause and effect and will wear Mutt Muffs because they can tell that they make a difference in the noise level.
Instead Stuart the mutt turned on Stuart the man as the three of them rolled around Brighton promenade.
DMK is not a mutt," was Alagiri's response when reporters approached him at the airport in Chennai to seek his reaction to Karunanidhi's statement that Stalin would succeed him.
Self-styled Godman Nityananda was evicted from his position as the 293rd pontiff of Adheenam mutt by senior pontiff Arunagirinatha Desikar on Friday.
Badger the Mystical Mutt, with his magical red spotted neckerchief, took Scottish primary schools and bookshops by storm 18 months ago with his enchanted spells, peacemaker skills and a love of higgledy-piggledy piles of buttered toast.
When they were very small, I kept Mutt and Jeff in a coop that I had built for them.
Ursa and her husband Mutt are not doomed to repeat the past, but the future they create for themselves reflects, rather than transcends, the legacy of slavery's gendered violence.
If you happen to have both a) a dog and b) a collection of ratty T-shirts and socks taking up space in your dresser drawers, consider turning those rags into a comfy canine couch with Molly Mutt dog duvets ($20-$45).