MUUMount Union, Pennsylvania (Airport Code)
MUUMortgage Underwriter University (Laguna Hills, CA)
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The mean intensity of each MUU in every speech has been calculated in terms of decibel (dB) per second with the help of PRAAT.
The speaker tries to connect to the audience by addressing them mentioning their designation and group identities (MUU 1).
Roosevelt introduces the issue by using a direct statement (MUU 1-4).
It's not just allergy-affected children who have fallen for No Muu's range of free-from milk and white chocolate robot, dinosaur, handbag, shoe, horse and mini Lego figure shapes sold in 55g bags.
Neither Anna nor Euan had any experience of working with chocolate before setting up No Muu (the name and eye-catching logo with its cartoon cow has proved a talking point in itself).
While No Muu is growing by the day, it hasn't reached the point where Euan and Anna can afford to devote all their time to the enterprise.
Upgrades had always been costly with Epicor but in recent years, he reports, the cost of ownership at Muus had climbed to the point where Steve finally decided enough was enough.
And the one-time conversion fee was significantly less than what Epicor was going to charge for the new system they said Muus needed.
Hailing from Germany, Muus has traveled the world for more than 18 years, managing quality hotels in Russia, Turkey and China.
"It's the small little details that I notice immediatelyC*how you're greeted, if there's a bulb missing in the gardenC*whether you're on duty, on vacation or at home you'll always be picky on the details and I have to be careful with these sorts of standards," Muus said.
"I pay her to say those things," he says playfully as Muus, when asked, reels off his virtues as a dancer.
Seated comfortably on a tall white sofa at the Royalton, he and Muus display the relaxed camaraderie of longtime friends--and devoted balletomanes.