MUWMississippi University for Women (Columbus, MS, USA)
MUWMedizinische Universität Wien (German: Medical University of Vienna; Austria)
MUWMine and Undersea Warfare (US Navy)
MUWMunitions of War
MUWMade-Up Word
MUWMulti-User Windows (application definition)
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We have top names from the make-up fraternity providing valuable knowledge about the art, science and business of make-up, along with reputed colour cosmetics' brands that boast state-of-the-art make-up products", commented Vikas Vij, Director, IDEX on the debut of MUW.
48.5% of respondents from MUW and 42.4% from MUB spoke to their relatives about their decision whether or not to remove organs after death.
(34) A "similarly situated" woman would not have faced that inconvenience because she could have enrolled at MUW and avoided the driving.
Currently enrolled MGCCC students will have access to MUW's "guest chefs" program that brings in leading culinary experts for demonstrations.
'Muw' is the Cam transcription of 'mau', the Vietnamese acre; one mau is approximately equivalent to 4.910 [m.sup.2].
I conducted five months of fieldwork during 2002/2003 in the Maya forest of the Middle Usumacinta watershed (MUW) (Guatemala and Mexico).
methods: muw muT dmuw_dwj dmuT_dTj srate dsrate_dwj tabulate Different constitutive laws are implemented as subclasses of CommonRel, e.g., a power-law model can be represented by a class PowerLaw as sketched in Figure 3.
Address: Robert E Oyler, MUW Speech and Hearing Center, W-Box 1340, Columbus, MS 39701; e-mail:
Hogan,(112) for example, the Court struck down a state women's nursing school policy against admitting male students.(113) In its opinion, the Court stated that review of a gender classification must be "applied free of fixed notions concerning the roles and abilities of males and females."(114) If the objective reflects "archaic and stereotypic notions," such as those that would "`protect' members of one gender because they are presumed to suffer from an inherent handicap or to be innately inferior," such classifications would be illegitimate.(115) Here, the Court rejected the state's proffered benign reasons for the policy, noting: MUW's policy of excluding males from admission to the School of Nursing tends to perpetuate the stereotyped view of nursing as an exclusively woman's job.