MVALMonocacy Valley Athletic League (Hagerstown, MD)
MVALMission Valley Athletic League (California)
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Keeping the above findings from the past research in mind, a regression was run between the cost of capital estimate derived from DFCF model and the firm characteristics just described, namely, market capitalization value (MVAL), book value of debt to market value of equity (BVDMVE), the current ratio (CR) and the price-to-earnings ratio (PER).
The descriptive statistics showed that the two size measures, market value (MVAL) and sales (SALES), indicated a substantial cross-sectional variation in firm size between the large and small companies.
We performed a multiple regression with BETA and MVAL alongside INTDISC as independent variables.
The negative coefficient for MVAL was consistent with prior literature.
"By using mVal, I can have all of this information on my handheld, and I would be basically clicking whether the teacher was 'satisfactory,' 'not satisfactory,' 'good,' or 'exemplary," McLean says.
McLean discovered mVal on his own and has since conducted training sessions with other schools.
He and other superintendents at the forum got together to discuss how mVal might be modified for these district-level needs.
Mentor Bryan Thygeson, principal of Marshall County Central High School, says, "The enticing thing was the teacher evaluation component." As part of the training, the administrators received individual licenses to mVal software, a rubric-based teacher evaluation system developed by Media-X Systems in Ottawa, Canada.
While some of the administrators get frustrated by the introduction of each new version of mVal because it means something new to learn, Thygeson reminds them that, in pilots, "there will be bugs.