MVBTMountain View Buddhist Temple (California)
MVBTMount Vernon Baptist Temple (Mount Vernon, OH)
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The MVBT has O([log.sub.B]m) amortized update cost (where m now denotes the size of the current [B.sup.+]-tree on which the update is performed), and O(n/B) space usage.
Insertions in the WOBT and in the MVBT are O([log.sub.B]m), since a special pointer can be kept to the root of the tree containing all current records (that are O(m)).
The MVBT uses more space than the WOBT, which in turn uses more space than the TSB-tree.
The multiversion access structure (MVAS) [Varman and Verma 1997] is similar to the MVBT, but it achieves a smaller constant on the space bound by using better policies to handle the cases where key-splits or merges are performed.
Since the WOBT, TSB-tree, persistent B-tree, MVBT, and MVAS are similar in their approach to solving range-time-slice queries, we summarize their characteristics in Table I.
Basic Characteristics of WOBT, TSB-Tree, Persistent B-Tree, MVBT, and MVAS