MVDLMinnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
MVDLMontevideolibre (Montevideo, Uruguay open wireless network)
MVDLMijnstreek Vriendschappelijke Darts League (Dutch: Mining District Friendly Darts League)
MVDLMoss Valley Dingbat Links (UK)
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But he did so in order to restage a potent set of Australian myths, within the drama of post-war nation-building, and in a film expressing the broader MVDL vision.
(44) The aim of this paper and its focus on the MVDL and The Valley is Ours, is to expand this body of work on US/Australia connections further into the World War Two and early post-war period.
There are one or two newspaper reviews written by MVDL Secretary G.V Lawrence, offering a positive evaluation of the film.
(82) Snowy River communities in the states of both New South Wales and Victoria joined the MVDL campaign.
(85) The MVDL's membership included a strong contingent of municipalities and shires from the Murray Valley.
Advocates included Attorney General Bert Evatt, who had toured the TVA in the US and attended MVDL conferences in Australia.
This would increase Murray River flows and provide the hydroelectric power the MVDL and Victorian government wanted.
By drawing on TVA and Dust Bowl ideas, the broader MVDL campaign and The Valley helped turn Australia's Snowy River mythology into a story of nation-building and the regional planning of grand water conservation schemes.
On MVDL's TVA inspiration see 'The Murray Valley Development League', Murray Pioneer, 21 Feb.