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MVDSMulti Video Distribution Systems
MVDSMicrowave Video Distribution System
MVDSMultipoint Video Distribution Service (aka Multipoint Video Distribution System)
MVDSMicrowave Vehicle Detection System (various states)
MVDSModular Vault Dry Store (nuclear materials storage)
MVDSMedium Voltage Distribution System
MVDSMicrowave Digital Sound
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This defined stress sensitivity analysis demonstrates how the ratings would react to steeper MVDs at the national level.
The frame format in the experiments used only I and P frames, the reason for ignoring the B frames is removing the video drift because B frames deal with Motion Vectors Difference (MVD) residual signs which encounter drift problem in video.
More recently, the concept of tumor vascularity has been applied to hematolymphoid neoplasia, with studies quantifying microvessel density (MVD) in a variety of lymphomas (10,11).
Before selecting the most suitable nozzles it was important to define two main parameters: the Median Volumetric Diameter (MVD) and the flow rate which was used for the theoretical Total Water Content (TWC) in the IWT.
Then the transfected SaOS-2 cells were inoculated in nude mice and transplantation tumor were checked via HE staining, VEGF and CD34 immunohistochemistry, and calculation of microvascular density (MVD).
The travel time of each link was estimated using the average speed from the traffic speed reported by all MVDs in a segment.
As shown in Figure 2(a), the MVDs ranged between 1.52 [+ or -] 0.49 [micro]m and 4.29 [+ or -] 0.99 [micro]m.
(5) Divide these 32 MBs into two groups (16 MBs each), and then process horizontal MVDs of the right bottom subpartition in each MB by modulus 10.
In early time points, the histological examination showed new vessel formation in the scaffolds of both groups, but there was no significant difference in MVDs by statistic analysis.
Interestingly, K1 and RO82-W1 also have higher MVDs (>200/[mm.sup.3]) than the other 3 DTC cell lines (<200/[mm.sup.3]) among 5 DTC xenograft models (Figure 2).
Five independent orthopedic oncologists (JB, PD, PJ, JP, and MvdS), working in one of the other three Dutch orthopedic oncologic referral centers (other than the RUMC) participated in the study.