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MVEGMotor Vehicle Exhaust Gas (suicide studies)
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In emissions terms, this translates to approximately 1-3 mg/km particulates emitted over the standardized European MVEG cycle, which is similar to the emissions levels of most gasoline vehicles and even lower than some.
Trade-named Eolys, the fluid, which is called a "additive-based diesel particulate filter" (A-DPF) system, is formulated to eliminate essentially all of the particulates in exhaust gas (1 to 3 mg/km in the standardized European MVEG cycle), and, because the filter regeneration temperature is lowered by about 200[degrees]C and reduces the particulate combustion time to from two to four minutes, the diesel fuel used for combustion is minimal, thereby keeping a low level of C[O.sub.2] emissions compared with other technologies.