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MVEs were performed three times for each muscle (VL, BF, BB, and TB) both in the morning and afternoon, as previously described [11, 24].
A paired t-test was utilized to compare the morning and evening values for the maximum and average MVEs from each session.
These needs are even more essential in the new variable timing/lift MVEs.
Both MVEs and MALs were obtained in two experimental sessions lasting approximately 2 h each.
In the third phase, factor effects (i.e., digit used, session, and frequency) on the MVEs and extracted MAL values were determined, as were relationships between MALs and MVEs.
Each maximum voluntary exertion (MVE) was held for 2 s; the peak force exerted during the trial was read from the dynamometer dial at completion.
The dependent variable in this study was the peak lateral pinch grip force, defined as the average of two values: the peak force measured in the first MVE and the peak force measured in the second MVE.
Southwest Airlines Recognizes Southwest Airlines As 2012 Most Valuable Employer (MVE) for Military[umlaut].
Both maximum voluntary electrical activity (MVE) and reference voluntary electrical activity (RVE) were obtained during isometric maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) and isometric reference voluntary contraction (RVC), respectively.
MVE was calculated as the maximum root mean square (RMS; 1-s smoothing window) amplitude over the 6 s.