MVHPMerrimack Valley Housing Partnership (Lowell, MA; est. 1986)
MVHPModerate Volume, High PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure)
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Abbreviations: APCm, mutated APC gene; BRAFm, mutated BRAF gene; BRAFwt, BRAF wild type; CIMP, CpG island methylator phenotype; CIMPH, CIMP high; CIMPL, CIMP low; CIMP-, CIMP negative; CIN, chromosomal instability; DNMT3, DNA methyltransferase-3; [IGFBP.sup.CG], IGFBP methylation; KRASm, mutated KRAS gene; [MGMT.sup.CG], MGMT methylation; [MLH1.sup.CG], MLH1 methylation; MSIH, microsatellite unstable; MSS, microsatellite stable; MVHP, microvesicular hyperplastic polyp; [P16.sup.CG], P16 methylation; SSA/P, sessile serrated adenoma/polyp; TA, tubular adenoma; TSA, traditional serrated adenoma; TVA, tubulovillous adenoma.
(45) However, MVHPs are distinguished from SSA/Ps by not having the characteristic architectural abnormalities in the deep portion of the crypts.
They are characterized by a bland-appearing, goblet cell-rich epithelium with fewer serrations and a more tubular architecture than MVHPs (Figure 2).
Polyps in SPS are most often sessile and small, are distributed throughout the colon, and comprise predominantly SSA/Ps and MVHPs. Morphologically, conventional adenomatous dysplasia may be present in these polyps, and, when it involves the entire SSA/P, the lesion may resemble a conventional adenoma.
As regards the MVHP version, some of the actual GDP fluctuations are explained by the imbalances indicators, ensuring more stable trend GDP growth.
The results obtained with the MVHP filters are generally in line with these estimates, while those derived from the standard HP filters indicate that the output losses after the recent crisis were notably larger than on average in the historical cases (Figure 3).
Similar to the general results for the whole cross-section, the MVHP output gap estimate is wider at its peak and narrower after the crisis compared with the HP version.
We conduct quasi (11) recursive estimates by using the MVHP version of the filter (Figure 6).