MVIAMotor Vehicle Importers Association
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Diogenous said the slump in the market was also hurting government tax revenue, which MVIA estimated to be around e1/4145 million a year.
As a first step the MVIA wants the government to at least extend the scheme to the rest of the applicants -- 5,000 potential buyers.
For example, the state receives e1/44,256 -- consumer tax, VAT, registration fee and road tax -- from the sale of a BMW 316 and would be left with e1/42,456 after paying for the withdrawal, the MVIA said.
Around 34,000 cars in circulation in 2009 were over 20 years old while a further 88,780 were between 15 and 20 years old, MVIA said.
In each testing session, subjects were initially asked to perform a series of 3-5 repetitions of 2-5 s MVIA and then 7 randomly applied 2-5 s submaximal exertions of 100% -170% HAT in increments of 10%.
Intraclass correlation coefficients were calculated for extensor force, EMG of each muscle during each MVIA and each percentage of HAT.
Table 4 reports the intraclass correlation coefficients for all extensor muscles and compares the mean intraclass correlation coefficients of the six-extensor muscles for each %HAT and MVIA of Controls with that of the low back pain group.