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MVIFMotor Vehicle Insurance Fraud
MVIFMaximum Voluntary Isometric Force (muscle strength)
MVIFMotor Vehicle Inspection Fund (New Jersey Department of Transportation)
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Moreover, an MVIF value of over 9.9 (Tables 5 and 6) implied the existence of severe multicollinearity between the three traits.
For the dimension mill, including not only the three characteristics but also the reciprocal forms of both DBH and tree height (Model 12) caused redundant information, as evidenced by MVIFs (Tables 5 and 6).
Because of the rather high correlation between TRAPs and noise, we evaluated the potential multicollinearity using the multilevel variance inflation factors (MVIFs).
Based on all selected statistical criteria such as [R.sup.2], RMSE, PRESS, MVIF, and the SNK multiple comparisons for prediction error index, a reduced model with three variables (tree DBH, height, stem taper) is considered as the best-fitted model for predicting the square-root-transformed yields of No.