MVITM Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology (Bangalore, India)
MVITMaximal Voluntary Isometric Torque (electrophysiology)
MVITMicro Video Imaging Terminal
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The two-way ANOVA for MVIT indicated a conditioning activity and time interaction (p = 0.003, [[eta].sub.p.sup.2] = 0.32).
Conversely, static stretching significantly reduced MVIT and enhanced fascicles extensibility, whereas submaximal isometric muscle activity increased evoked contractile properties (PDT and RTD) without affecting viscoelastic properties.
Our data revealed an alteration of MVIT after static stretching, which is congruent with a part of the literature that has found decreases in maximal voluntary torque after similar static stretching durations (Behm et al., 2004; Power et al., 2004).
Furthermore, MVIT remained also unaffected following submaximal isometric muscle activity, underpinning that such an intensity of contractions was likely not sufficient to increase maximal voluntary torque.
firms in the sample UEEit = Cash for European firms in the sample MBit = Market to book value of equity as proxy for growth and persistence Bit = Market model slope coefficient as proxy for systematic risk MVit = Market value of equity as proxy for firm size eit = Error term for firm i, time t The coefficient "a" measures the intercept.