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MVKMevalonate Kinase
MVKMavelikara (railway code; Kerala, India)
MVKMost Valuable Kids (various locations)
MVKMazon Verona Kinsman (schools; Mazon, IL)
MVKMetro Vancouver Kink (Canada)
MVKMethyl Vinyl Ketone
MVKMaverick Tube Corporation (stock symbol)
MVKMulka Airport (Australia)
MVKMekmek (SIL code)
MVKMjukvarukonstruktion (Swedish)
MVKMusikverein Kuppenheim (German)
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Hyperimmunoglobulinemia D with periodic fever syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder that is associated with the MVK gene.
The pathophysiology of autoinflammation in MKD is poorly understood and is suggested to occur as a result of loss of synthesis of isoprenoid lipids downstream of MVK [5], in particular geranylgeranyl diphosphate.
Venous blood was collected from all subjects to detect MVK , PMVK , MVD , and FDPS genes.
Genetic analysis showed homozygotic S53N mutation on MVK gene 3rd exon, and the HIDS diagnosis was made.
According to the firm, MVK is a personal information manager with an innovative and secure authentication that allows the user to avoid having to use a masterkey when storing personal data, which the industry has regarded as a point of weakness recently.
MVK had gross assets of RUB156m (USD5.09m/EUR3.8m) at closing of the deal, and it is seen to generate a gross profit before tax of around RUB225m in 2010, up from a result of RUB87m last year.
3791/62, NA, Archief Ministerie van Kolonien (hereafter, MvK) Mail Rapport (hereafter, MR) 1883 no.
MVK was formed in July 2008 in Sterling and designs and installs architectural millwork for the residential market.
Tickers featured: ACR, CELL, GDI, HAWK, HZO, JLL, KCS, LCAV, MVK, WCI.
241, the fatality rate per 100 million vehicle kilometres (mvk) is reported as 1.70 for Canada and 1.00 for the US.
Lord Nimmo Smith heard that Glasgow-based firm MVK Computing Services of Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie, had set up web-sites under the names "" and "".