MVLSTMulti-Virulence-Locus Sequence Typing
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Clustering by PFGE and MVLST yielded a good concordance, with some exceptions.
The interpretation of PFGE results is not always straightforward; therefore, sequence-based methods such as MVLST are advantageous because interpreting the results and sharing the data between laboratories are more reliable and accurate compared to band-based methods [23].
Combining MLST and VST gave rise to 6 multivirulence locus sequence types (MVLSTs) (Table 1).
Consequently, plasmid profiling divided MVLST1 into 2 subtypes, MVLST1a and MVLST1b, without changing other MVLSTs (Table 1).
MVLST data were obtained as described (3) or extracted from whole genome sequences (Y.
Particularly, MVLST enabled the detection of 1 novel l/2a outbreak strain and 2 novel ECs of L.