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MVMSModified Vehicle Management System
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In FIGURE 1, the differences shown between food alone vs food plus MVMS might be less than expected because the comparison was made for the entire NHANES sample (eg, intake of nutrients from food plus MVMS included that from MVMS users and nonusers combined [non-users comprised about three-fourths of the 16,444 individuals in the analysis]).
Percent of the US Population Obtaining Less Than the EARs or AIs for Selected Nutrients From Food Alone or Food Plus Multivitamin/Mineral Supplements (1) Food Only Food + MVMS Potassium (AI) 100 100 Vitamin D (EAR) 94.3 74.6 Choline (AI) 91.7 91.6 Vitamin K (AI) 88.5 67.1 Magnesium (EAR) 66.9 62.8 Calcium (EAR) 52.2 46.6 Vitamin A (EAR) 43 35 Vitamin C (EAR) 38.9 31.2 Zinc (EAR) 11.7 9.6 Abbreviations: AI, adequate intake; EAR, estimated average requirement; MVMS, multivitamin/mineral supplements.
Updated ingredients in both adult and child MVMs are included.
One of these, the Physicians' Health Study II, did not find an association between the use of a multivitamin-mineral (MVM) supplement and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in both incidence or mortality after an average of 11 years, in male US physicians aged 50 years or older.
In contrast to [sup.14]C-glucosamine, [sup.3]H-fucose was scarcely incorporated into the lipid fraction of MVMs isolated from GF mice and extensively incorporated into the equivalent fraction from Cvd mice (30) (Fig.
MCH centres administer MVMS to pregnant women who visit for care.
The acceleration data (meters per second squared) measured during each mobility task by the RT3 for each of its three axes were computed by the RT3 Assist software (Stayhealthy, Inc) into the MVM (MVM = ([x.sup.2] + [y.sup.2] + [z.sup.2]) x 0.5).
But the fact that half of all American adults take some form of multivitamin and/or mineral (MVM) supplement indicates that more efficacy and safety data should be gathered and greater industry oversight is needed to ensure supplement quality and adequate reporting of adverse events, the 13-member panel agreed.
Because Investors had received the MVMs without async chip sets, we elected to run port three at 2400 b/s sync, and operate the Diebold controller and terminals at 300 b/s async.
Researchers observed no significant association between CVD mortality and users of MVMs or MVs compared with non-users; however, when users were classified by the reported length of time products were used, a significant association was found with MVM use of >3 years compared with non-users (HR: 0.65; 95% CI: 0.49, 0.85).
In mid-May, an independent panel convened by the NIH Office of Medical Applications of Research and the Office of Dietary Supplements met to assess the available evidence on the safety and effectiveness of multivitamin/minerals (MVMs).