MVNCMount Vernon Nazarene College (now Mount Vernon Nazarene University; Ohio)
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I have faith in college employees to do those things that relate to my education at MVNC that I cannot do myself.
I am confident that college employees do those things that relate to my education at MVNC that my family cannot do for me.
I believe MVNC is capable of designing academic programs that meet student needs.
I believe MVNC employees are experts in the positions that they hold.
People with relevant work experience are employed in all areas at MVNC.
MVNC administration, faculty, staff, and students do not work together to achieve the common goal of making the college a better place.
This research study provided a projection of an optimal tuition rate for MVNC that should assist in future planning decisions concerning tuition pricing.
Second, a survey of current MVNC students was conducted to assess their tradeoff decisions among a set of competitive schools at increasing tuition rates.
All fixed and variable cost figures used in the TENEP model are based on MVNC's Statement of Revenues and Expenditures.
The remaining revenue sources were estimated by MVNC's vice president for finance and management.
Theoretically, there exists a downward sloping convex trade-off function for MVNC's tuition [25].
Six hypothetical tuition elasticity functions were developed based upon a survey of MVNC administrators and on previous tuition elasticity research.