MVO2Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation
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More invasive techniques such as intra-arterial lines CVP, ScvO2, MVO2, and CO/CI are only seldom used.
The utilization of ScvO2 and MvO2 was low in both populations (18% vs 19.4% and 11% vs 14.9%) (7).
Our ex vivo results showed that basal mechanical performance index (MPi) and oxygen consumption rate (MVO2) of the heart were unaltered in both MS rats and controls (Figure 3(a)).
The observed alterations in MVO2 and phosphocreatine content could be due to deficient mitochondrial oxidative metabolism.
Our data adds a new piece of evidence by showing that high IL-1[beta], TNF-[alpha], and IL-6 levels in MS rats correlate with disruption under high workloads (as during ISO treatment), maximal MVO2, and increased susceptibility to developing deadly arrhythmias.
"The documented improvements are important as these patients would otherwise be expected to show substantial decreases in MVO2 over time.
MVO2 (or VO2 max) is the maximum volume of oxygen that can be utilized by die heart in one minute during peak exercise.
Information regarding drug regimen, New York Heart Association (NYHA) functional class, subsequent LVEF determinations, left ventricular dimensions measurements, maximal oxygen consumption (MVO2 max) determination, hospitalizations, and death cases were obtained from the initial evaluation and at 3, 6, and 12 months post-intervention at the HFTC-CCPRC.
O duplo produto e uma variavel, cuja correlacao com o consumo de oxigenio miocardico (MVO2) faz com que seja considerado o mais fidedigno indicador do trabalho realizado de forma nao-invansiva durante esforcos fisicos continuos de natureza aerobia (Gobel e colaboradores, 1978 citado por Polito e Farinatti, 2003).
Conforme Araujo (1984) citado por Polito e Farinatti (2003) a correlacao entre duplo produto e MVO2, e de aproximadamente 0,88 o que e considerado excelente em termos de poder de provisao neste sentido.
Devido ao impacto positivo na evolucao da frequencia cardiaca e da resistencia periferica, o treinamento fisico promove modificacoes no MVO2 para uma certa carga de trabalho durante o esforco (resposta aguda condicionada pelo treino), o que pode ser testado por uma menor inclinacao da curva do duplo-produto.