MVPBMaximum Velocity Paintball
MVPBMurrieta Valley PONY (Protect Our Nation's Youths) Baseball, Inc. (Murrieta, CA)
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For instance, we have two 16 x 16 MBs named as A and B, where A is the reference block of B in the process of median prediction which means [MVP.sub.B] = [MV.sub.A] x [MVD.sub.A] being increased by 1 (step (1) in Figure 3) leads to MVA (step (2) in Figure 3) as well as MVPB (step (3) in Figure 3) increasing by 1 given that MVPA is not modified.
Soil A has greater productivity than soil B -- [MVP.sub.A] is greater than MVPB at all levels of input usage.