MVPDMultichannel Video Programming Distribution (Broadcast Cable)
MVPDMobile Virtual Presence Device (Big Bang Theory; TV series)
MVPDMount Vernon Police Department (Washington)
MVPDMountain View Police Department (California)
MVPDMoraine Valley Police Department
MVPDMovie Pod (video format)
MVPDMelbourne Village Police Department (Melbourne Village, FL)
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The Media Bureau's Chief just ruled on the matter, and it disagrees with the MVPD.
Contentious carriage negotiations between MVPDs, cable networks and broadcasters as a result of the acceleration in cord cutting and viewership declines in traditional distribution channels are eventually resolved but often result in temporary signal disruptions and programming blackouts.
Service Offering: Ratings concerns also center on DISH's ability to adapt to the evolving competitive landscape, the company's lack of revenue diversity and single-product play relative to its MVPD competitors, and operating metrics that continue to lag peers.
Advertising on linear TV--defined as broadcast and MVPD (video programming provided by cable or satellite TV companies over more than one channel, usually for a subscription fee)--predominantly trades on Nielsen gender and age audience data in the local marketplace.
at 985, 987 ("[I]f the MVPD treats vendors differently based on a reasonable business purpose .
It serves the cable, broadcast, syndication, satellite and MVPD markets, including Bloomberg and Charter, to profitably operate and monetise ad-supported inventory distributed on linear and non-linear outlets.
The ray of hope provided by MVPD subscriptions came from numbers that were less bad than initially feared.
In this article, we will explore OTT delivery from a technology, carrier, and multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) standpoint.
In this new strategy, the broadcast network or station group negotiated with each MVPD on behalf of all of its owned stations.
By 1993, 95% of those households receiving service from a multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) were cable subscribers.
As a relatively new multi-channel video programming distributor (MVPD), DBS providers must establish and preserve their market share in the fiercely competitive atmosphere that characterizes the video programming industry in the twilight of the twentieth century.