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MVPNMulticast Vpn
MVPNMobile Virtual Private Network
MVPNMulticast Virtual Private Network
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2 shows the signaling message flows of IETF MVPN. Because the mobility of a mobile equipment group was not considered in IETF MVPN, it cannot be applied to NEMO, since it would cause long handoff latency and end-to-end latency [8,9].
Therefore, in this paper, we consider these methods for supporting the MVPN in NEMO and for shortening authentication time and signaling time in mobile networks, suitable for real-time applications.
To compare the signaling cost to that of IETF MVPN, we assume the Diameter MIPv4 application [34] is used to authenticate the x-MIP.
The handoff cost of IETF MVPN when a mobile network moves between networks is derived as:
Additionally, to compare our designs signaling cost with that of IETF MVPN, we assumed the x-HA was optimally collocated with the VPN gateway and AAAF, and the AHA was collocated with the SIP Proxy 2/Registrar.
Also, the AAAH in IETF MVPN as collocated with the Diameter server in the SeSIP.
11 presents a comparison among the signaling costs with IETF MVPN, with and without SIP-NVG using HTTP.