MVPOMaumee Valley Planning Organization (Defiance, OH)
MVPOMerrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra (Haverhill, MA)
MVPOMackenzie Valley Pipeline Office (Canada)
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Finally, the MVPO improves the implementation of wind micro-grid by significantly reducing the number of current sensors and control units required.
To illustrate the performance of the MVPO solution, a two-generator micro-grid was simulated considering the models of Section 2.1 and the parameters of the experimental system presented in Section 2.2, for both P&O and MVPO approaches.
Therefore, the dc/dc converters can be considered as the actuators of the P&O and MVPO control algorithms.
Instead, the MVPO requires to calculate only the output power of the whole micro-grid, therefore simply the aggregated output current must be measured requiring just a single current sensor.
Figure 7 presents the simulation results considering both P&O and MVPO approaches: Figure 7(a) shows the angular speed imposed by the wind profiles and turbine model to the generators, where the noise in the profiles is a consequence of the generator and turbine inertias interaction.