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MVQMotion Vector Quantization
MVQMethyl Vinyl Silicone
MVQMartin Vallely Quartet
MVQMost Valuable Quote (sports)
MVQMon Visage Quand (French: My Face When; Transformice)
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Levin, Dato-on and Rhee (2004) used the MVQ to determine the ethical attitudes of college students toward downloading music without paying, as well as their attitudes toward record companies and recording artists.
Based on these compelling findings, we suggest the following four hypotheses along the four dimensions of MVQ:
Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (MVQ) (110-2) with average molecular weight of about 550,000 g/mol and vinyl content 0.15 mol% was supplied by Shanghai Resin Co.
First, silicone rubber was mixed with half of the fumed silica in HAAKE Polylab at 60[degrees]C, 60 rpm for 5 min to obtain MVQ compound, and then EPDM was mixed with the rest of the fumed silica in HAAKE Polylab at 140[degrees]C, 40 rpm for 5 min to obtain EPDM compound.
Tereschuk ML, Riera MVQ, Abdala LR (1997) Antimicrobial activity of flavonoids from leaves of Tagetes minuta.
The oplayo-powered MVQ streaming technology will also be used for e-mail and video-based marketing campaigns.
Equation (3) implies that a positive marginal cost of purifying guarantees that [x.sub.*] is less than the x which equates AVQ with marginal value of quality (MVQ), where MVQ is the tangent to P(x).
Purification need not be complete ([x.sub.*] [less than or equal to] 1 with the strict inequality possible), and will not be complete if ever AVQ and MVQ are equal on [0, 1).
Randomized clinical trials Trial name Number of Comparator ARV (ARV agent) patients regimen POWER 1 and 2 (DRV) (6) 255 Placebo + OBT ([greater than or equal to] 2 NRTI [+ or -] ENF) BENCHMRK 1 and 2 699 Placebo + OBT (RAL) (11) ([greater than or equal to] NRTI [+ or -] DRV/r or TPV/r [+ or -] ENF) DUET 1 and 2 (ETV) (12) 1203 Placebo + OBT (DRV/r + NRTI [+ or -] ENF) Non-randomized clinical trial Trial name Number of Regimen patients TRIO13 103 DRV/r+ETV+RAL Observational studies Number of Regimen patients Imaz et al.14 32 DRV/r+ETV+RAL Imaz et al.15 122 At least 3 of DRV/r, ETV, RAL, MVQ Delaugerre et al.16 62 2 ITRN+DRV/r Randomized clinical trials Viral load <50 Trial name copies/mL at 48 (ARV agent) weeks vs.
The remaining valencies on the silicon atoms are usually occupied with methyl groups (MVQ).