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MVRDVMaas Van Rijs de Vries
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'Tainan, in my opinion, is one of those towns which is so beautiful to me because maybe most of its nature, agriculture fields, farms, sea, and mountains', said Winy Maas, co-founder of MVRDV.
The immediate area does not reveal the metropolitan charms and exciting quality that the Taiwanese metropolis has to offer,' said MVRDV principal and co-founder Winy Maas.
MVRDV is collaborating with local architects, Stonehill & Taylor, and interior designer, Workshop APD.
Stefan De Koning, architect at contemporary design firm MVRDV, and Nigel Craddock, design director at Imkan, discuss the design of this unique development.
While post-theory architects such as those at OMA and MVRDV may be accused of tacitly progressing neoliberal agendas, their ostensible objectivity provides an alternative to the image of the heroic Architect committed to a personal vision.
The Move Ahead Birkenhead process is being supported by Ion's design team, which includes the internationally-acclaimed Dutch urban design specialists, MVRDV.
Designed by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV with the intention of making world-class architecture accessible to adventure-seeking tourists, the unconventional bungalow has exteriors clad in reflective metal tiles and a glass floor for viewing beneath the building.
Bunschoten, MVRDV, FOA, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Ove Arup and Partners ir kiti, emesi kurti projektavimo inovacijas sistemiskai tirdami siuolaikinius miestus, architekturos tvaruma, medziagas ar statiniu sistemas naudodamiesi naujomis technologijomis ir gilindamiesi daugiau i konkrecias situacijas nei universaliai (Dunin-Woyseth, Nilsson 2011; Weiner 2007: 272).
MVRDV said in a statement on its website that it did not intend to create an image evoking the 2001 attacks.
Siuolaikineje architekturologineje literaturoje ir veikaluose dominuoja keletas pagrindiniu temu: architekturos istorijos refleksijos (Traganou, Mitrasinovic 2009; Miles 2004), architekturiniu praktiku pristatymas ir kontekstualizavimas (Koolhaas, Mau, werlemann, Sigler 1995; MVRdV 1999; Powley 1994; Betsky, Gossel 2007; Jadidio 2009; Tracing ...
These buildings, which include a dramatic cantilevered take on the traditional British barn and a raised house beside the sea, are the work of five international architects: MVRDV from the Netherlands, Peter Zumthor from Switzerland, Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architects from Norway, and NORD Architecture and Hopkins Architects from the UK.