MVRSMotor Vehicle Registration System
MVRSMobile Voucher Redemption System (Eagle Eye Solutions; UK)
MVRSMarine Vapor Recovery System
MVRSMagic Valley Rehabilitation Services (Twin Falls, ID)
MVRSMystic Valley Railway Society (Hyde Park, MA)
MVRSMulti-Variate Rank Sum Statistical Test
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It was only in the smaller print, though, that they mention MVRs (a penalty on investors who wish to exit in difficult times for markets) and their reintroduction - as well as the lowering of terminal or final bonuses - is now commonplace.
As per the scheme all the workers of the five closed mills were given MVRS and the surplus manpower of the remaining two scheduled for revival was also given MVRS benefit and retired.
"Payouts are starting to rise, terminal bonuses are back on the menu, market value reductions (MVRs) have all but disappeared, and for some of the more fortunate investors, even annual bonuses are beginning to climb."
Some companies have scrapped MVRs - which take as much as a third of savers' money - on lump sums invested for five years.
The insurer said MVRs currently only applied to money invested in the bonds between 1998 and 2001.
Richard Myers, appointed actuary at Clerical Medical, said: 'This bonus and market value reduction (MVR) announcement allows us to ensure that all policyholders continue to receive their fair share of the fund whilst we continue to manage the fund prudently.
The proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) states that the 'City needs to interconnect its traffic apprehension database and its 'No Contact Apprehension Program' and even those apprehended under contact apprehension with the LTO's information system on motor vehicle and driver's license database and create an alarm in the LTO's Motor Vehicle Registration System (MVRS) or Driver's Licensing System (DLS).'
Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs)- LexisNexis is the single largest provider of MVRs to the insurance industry, allowing us to deliver innovative cost saving solutions.
"Are they continuously monitoring driver MVRs?" He also said a safety program should identify acceptable modes of transportation for drivers that use their own automobiles.
MetLife Auto & Home(r) built and deployed an algorithm-driven process to continually optimize the decision to order Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) for underwriting.
MVRS, Egyptian rapper and singer-songwriter: "Versatile.