MVSPMulti Variate Statistical Package (software)
MVSPMaintain Visual Separation
MVSPMansehra Village Support Project (International Fund for Agricultural Development; Pakistan)
MVSPMotor Vehicles and Safety Parts
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The [DELTA]RGB data (see Table S1, Electronic Supplementary Material (ESM)) were fed into MVSP (Kovach Computing software) [19].
In particular, we conducted lake-specific detrended correspondence analyses (DCA) of the square-root transformed chironomid or diatom percentage data using the software package MVSP (Kovach, 2004).
We processed the data using the multivariate statistical package MVSP 3.13r (Kovach, 2009).
Eigenanalysis ordinations were calculated using Multi-Variate Statistical Package (MVSP) available from Kovach Computing Services.
Reproducible and clear 29 polymorphic fragments were used calculating similarity matrix and constructing dendrogram with UPGMA cluster analysis of MVSP 3.13 software.
Bioprofessional, MVSP, Origin and R software packages were used for these analyses.
O indice foi calculado pelo programa MVSP 3.1, de acordo com o metodo de cluster UPGMA (Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean).
The statistical software used was R 2.5.1 (Dclgaard 2002; Crawley 2007) and MVSP 3.1 (Kovach 1999).
Canonical Correspondence Analysis: CCA was performed on Lepidopterans collected from four crops to check the effect of environmental factors like temperature, Humidity, Rainfall and Wind speed by using MVSP software (version 3.13 f).
All statistical tests except ANOVA were performed with the Multivariate Statistical Package (MVSP) version 3.1 (Kovach Computing Services, Wales, UK).