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MVTMotor Vehicle Transportation (various locations)
MVTMultivariate Testing
MVTMcafee Virtual Technician
MVTMulti Vendor Team
MVTMultiprogramming with a Variable Number of Tasks
MVTModerne Vreemde Talen (Dutch: Modern Foreign Languages)
MVTMean Value Theorem
MVTMilitary Vehicle Trust
MVTMississippi Valley-Type (ore deposits)
MVTMotor Vehicle Theft
MVTMost Valuable Team
MVTMulti-Variable Testing
MVTMinimum Viable Team
MVTMesenteric Venous Thrombosis (medical disorder)
MVTMission Verification Test (US NASA)
MVTMount Vernon Terminal (railroad destination)
MVTMesilla Valley Transportation, Inc. (various locations)
MVTMultiprogramming With Variable Number of Tasks (IBM)
MVTManufacturing Verification Test
MVTMulti Variable Transmitter (control systems instrumentation for process plants)
MVTMobile Virtual Terminal
MVTAircraft Movement Message (aviation)
MVTMountain View Toros (Mesa, AZ high school)
MVTMultiplexed Video Traffic
MVTModule Verification Testing
MVTMéthode Verbo-Tonale (French: Verbotonal Method; language development)
MVTModel Validation Team
MVTMotor Vehicle Transmission
MVTMountain View Telegraph
MVTMode Valve Transducer (aviation)
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While the ideas are cost-free, practical and fast to implement, MVT itself is an intense process that takes a lot of hard work and buy-in from employees.
Some examples of indirect methods have included measuring changes in plasma creatine kinase (CK) activity, perceived muscle soreness (SOR), maximum voluntary torque (MVT), inflammatory markers (in plasma and muscles), neuromuscular function (measured by electromyography, EMG), MRI signal intensity, and muscle oxygenation and blood flow (measured by ultrasound, plethysmography and near infrared spectroscopy) (For a review see Clarkson and Hubal 2002).
One finds there some useful (if abbreviated) summary of the state of our knowledge about the MVT, its transmission to East and Inner Asia, and some observations on its contents.
Most organizational improvement initiatives are doomed from the start from a combination of factors, including, but not limited to, insufficient resources, lack of leadership buy-in, lack of a comprehensive strategy for bottom-line improvement, lack of long-term commitment by senior leaders, and a "nibble around the edges" initial approach to whatever fad of the month they are tinkering with, be it Six Sigma, MVT or something else.
Multivariable Testing (MVT) is a powerful planning tool that uses advanced statistics to predict the real-world effects of multiple business improvement ideas.
What sets MVT apart from other process-improvement techniques is its use of advanced mathematics to test numerous variables all at one time in real-world situations.
* A medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) with extremely high moisture vapor transmission (MVT).
(MVT, Dublin, Ireland), a privately held manufacturer of automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.
In September 1992, the Special Operating Training Facility (SOTF) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, contracted with Applied Communications Research (ACR) for the delivery of 12 production miniature video transceivers designated MVT, designed to send video images through military radios.
And it turns out to exist - under the name Multivariable Testing (MVT).
* Breathable: MVT ratings have proven to be higher than any other combination in this price range.
MVT allows combinations of different input factors to be evaluated quickly and efficiently.