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MVTRMoisture Vapor Transmission Rate
MVTRMulti-Stage Vacuum Tube Receiver
MVTRMobile Videotape Recorder
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Alternative non-surgical options like gauze dressings have a longer healing time, (3) while Tegaderm and similar clear synthetics have lower MVTR values than IV3000, (1) leading to complications like maceration.
Stepanpol[R] P0-130-01 and Stepanpol P0-16001 polyols offer a combination of performance enhancements over other primers, according to Stepan, including improved weatherability, MVTR, wet and dry substrate adhesion, and intercoat adhesion.
The Prolong Vapour Control for cucumbers technology with Modified Atmosphere (MA) and high moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) slows down respiration, inhibits ethylene and decay and thereby maintains freshness during prolonged storage and transportation.
Angela Roggenhofer, sales and marketing manager at Tekni-Plex, Inc., said, "More and more drugs are not only sensitive to moisture but are becoming sensitive over time to oxygen protection, so it's important to offer the full film range to protect to the max degree any ingress of either Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate (MVTR) or Octaheme Tetrathionate .Reductase (OTR) molecules or gases.
Generally, HDPE blends with LD/LLD provide (low moisture - Vapor - Transmission - Rate) MVTR in the co-extruded film and also avoids excessive stiffness in the film which may result in failure during drop test.
The resulting 6-mil co-extruded film provides a very low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), excellent seal quality, great clarity and ease in vacuum thermoforming.
Ampac Flexibles, a unit of Ampac Packaging LLC, introduces a new clear high-moisture (MVTR) barrier lidstock that can seal to trays, cups, etc., made from a wide variety of plastic materials.
High MVTR films have breathing rates of 3,000 g/[m.sup.2]/day of water and above.
Mercedes will be pushing its S2000 model, while Osh-Kosh together with Canadian company Dew Engineering will promote their MVTR truck, and Stewart and Stevenson has teamed up with another Canadian company, Oerlikon Contraves Inc., to offer their FMTV model.
* Pinhole free coating for MVTR, oil/grease resistant and water-resistant grades
The two systems are used to measure MVTR and OTR on a variety of flexible and rigid packaging structures including flat films, laminates, co-extrusions, and bottles.
The transaction covers Flint Ink's water based formulations with the exception of MVTR, tobacco and security coatings, which Flint Ink will continue to produce.