MVUEMinimum Variance Unbiased Estimator (statistics)
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A general model is put forward in which the likelihood depends on an unknown parameter [theta] and the question addressed is to find conditions under which a minimum variance unbiased estimator (MVUE) exists.
Based upon the S-W test (or K-S test), if it is concluded (incorrectly) that the population is lognormal, then using ProUCL, Version 3.0, one can obtain the minimum variance unbiased estimates (MVUE) of the lognormal mean, [[mu].sub.1], [[sigma].sub.1], and standard error of the mean as: 572.98, 1334.56, and 290.14, respectively (details in Singh, Singh, Engelhardt, [1]).
Mg Cotton-era agricultural sediment in storage: 107,000,000 Sediment exports at the USGS gage: Mg [yr.sup.-1] Bedload 3,850 Suspended load (based on different rating curves) MVUE Model 1 10,060 MVUE Model 2 13,490 MVUE Model 3 7,030 Linear regression 11,390 Range of total exports 10,880-17,340 Years Ratio of stored agricultural sediment to exports 6170 to 9800 Contributions of current erosion to exports: Mg [yr.sup.-1] Forests 696-928 Row crop agriculture 1479-1973 Pasture 156-208 Other land uses 216-288 Unpaved roads (range) 828-1104 Total contributions of current erosion to exports 3375-4501 Ratio of current contributions to total export 0.19-0.41