MVZMedico Veterinario Zoothecnista (Mexico veterinary medicine degree)
MVZMuseum of Vertebrate Zoology (University of California, Berkeley)
MVZMain Vertical Zone
MVZMedullary Visceral Zone (neuroscience)
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tenellus have been collected in headwaters of the Lyell Fork of the Tuolomne River, Yosemite National Park (e.g., MVZ Mamm-22058, 22062, 216156, and 216124).
MVZ will continue to operate a store from its Droitwich premises which, over time, will be converted to a Wynnstay retail store.
Hanna & E Tose FMNH 13105 M 25-Mar-1902 Edmund Heller FMNH 21756 M 16-Oct-1903 Edmund Heller FMNH 21755 F 16-Oct-1903 Edmund Heller MCZ 65 M 26-Mar-1905 MVZ 31156 M 28-Mar-1920 Joseph S.
Oviductal females were collected in March (LACM 15131, SVL = 87 mm, 6 eggs) and April (MVZ 45368, SVL = 98 mm, 8 eggs).
One female collected 26 September (SVL = 582; MVZ 189971) contained five enlarged ovarian follicles > 10 mm length.
Juan Carlos Carrascal Velasquez [1] [mail] MVZ, MSc; CvLAC, Sirley Adriana Ortiz Bedoya [2] MVZ, MSc, Victor Gerardo Petro Hernandez [2] MVZ