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MWCSMarine Well Containment System (Marine Well Containment Company)
MWCSMarine Wing Communications Squadron
MWCSMental Welfare Commission for Scotland (UK)
MWCSMongkok Workers' Children School (Hong Kong)
MWCSMadrid Waddington Central School (Madrid, NY)
MWCSMuddy Waters Computer Society (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; est. 1982)
MWCSMajor Works Control System
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MWC 2019 kicks off on February 25, and looks set to be another exciting event.
From LG to Nokia, several big tech firms are expected to announce new products at MWC 2019.
The new horizontal Super HC models are available with core face areas up to 430 sq.ft., while the vertical Super MWC units have core face areas up to 107 sq.ft.
Both Super MWC and HC versions can be fitted with supplemental expansion, deaeration and drawdown (SEDD) tank kits designed to meet engine manufacturers' deaeration and drawdown specifications.
The method presented in this article would help clinicians to make trade-offs, both when choosing MWCs and when making adjustments, based on a quantitative evaluation of the subject-specific MWC rolling resistance.
Funding/Support: This material was based on work supported by the SACR-FRM project, French National Research Agency (ANR-06TecSan-020) and the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche sur l'Appareillage des Handicapes (loaned all MWCs required to fulfill this work).
The objective of our study was to quantify MWC and PWC mobility characteristics for older adults during an organized sporting event, the NVWG, and during community use of their MWCs and PWCs.
While we cannot derive any conclusions from this finding, a future line of work may warrant examining mobility patterns for older adults transitioning from MWCs to PWCs and determining their relationship to functional independence and quality of life.
In daily life, MWC users tend to move in relatively short bouts of movements that include turning [20].
A 76 kg International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 7176-11 dummy was used as the MWC occupant during straight and fixed-wheel coast-down tests.
Eberly Writing Center at Dickinson College has become a Multilingual Writing Center (MWC) where students writing not only in English but also Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish seek the assistance of trained writing tutors who are international students (both visiting and matriculated) and U.S.
A unique feature of Dickinson's MWC is its collaborative governance structure, which includes members of each foreign language department.