MWCTMultimode Wireless Communication Terminal
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Executing Agencies : Ministry of Wildlife Conservation and Tourism (MWCT), in conjunction with African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
Post-activity salivary alpha-amylase levels negatively correlated with performance on the BRIEF Task Monitoring, r(60) = -.26, p <.05 and MWCT Symbol Search Task Accuracy, r(60)=-.38 and positively with performance on the KBNA Word List 1 performance, r(60)=0.29, p <.01.
(37.) Vonk F, Verhagen AP, Twisk JW, Koke AJA, Luiten MWCT, Koes BW: Effectiveness of a behavioural graded program versus conventional exercise for chronic neck pain patients.
Seeking to limit an emerging water crisis in the region, AECOM is helping pilot test the first Engineers Without Borders Service Corps project with the Msai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT), another company CSR partner.