MWDAMerseyside Waste Disposal Authority (est. 1986; UK)
MWDAMalta Wheelchair Dancesport Association (est. 1999)
MWDAMechwarrior Dark Ages (gaming)
MWDAMaryland Workforce Development Association (workforce improvement associations)
MWDAMontana Wrongful Discharge Act (employment discharge)
MWDAMaine Welfare Directors Association (Augusta, ME)
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W Carl Beer, chief executive of MWDA, said: "There were diffiWDA, said: "There were diffiW -culties in finding a site with suitable planning consent on Merseyside.
"This cash should be used to reduce bills, improve services or keep council taxes down." MWDA chairman Cllr Graham Morgan said the PS28.9m would be used for a Waste Development Fund.
Chairperson of MWDA, Cllr Joe DeAsha, said: "Just three years ago, the amount of waste going to landfill per household was 854 kilograms - so we've had a drop of 161 kilograms.
It is anticipated that the services provided by the Resource Recovery Contract will commence in April 2016, and MWDA is now considering securing additional short term capacity to divert MSW from landfill for the period up to the commencement of services under the Resource Recovery Contract.
MWDA chair Cllr Graham Morgan said: "Signing this contract today puts in place a sustainable waste management solution for the next 30 years.
The case was to be heard next year, but Covanta and MWDA have just reached an "amicable settlement", which puts the massive scheme back on track - and clears the way for 225 jobs to be created on Teesside and 25 on Merseyside.
Cllr Joe De'Asha, chairman of MWDA, said: "Millions of pounds are being tipped down the drain every year as a direct result of pouring cooking oil into the sink.
Residual waste (the waste left over once all of the recyclable material has been separated out) collected from five authorities constituting the MWDA (Liverpool, Knowsley, Sefton, St Helens, and Wirral) and the unitary authority of Halton Borough Council, which have a combined population of 1.5 million people, will be transported by rail to new Energy-from-Waste facility at Teesside in the northeastern UK, which uses Energy-from-Waste technology to convert the material into energy.
MWDA says it will be "vigorously defending" the claim brought against it and intends in due course to recover legal costs of defending the claim from Covanta.
Carl Beer, MWDA Chief Executive, said: "We spent much of the summer targeting families at various food festivals around the region and we're stepping up our efforts to drive home some vital recycling messages over half term by targeting Liverpool One shoppers."
Covanta claims the procurement process run by Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority (MWDA) was legally flawed and its bid would bring significantly more economic benefit to the region.