MWDSMajor Works Data Sheet (literature)
MWDSMinerals and Waste Development Scheme (UK)
MWDSMinimum Weight Dominating Set (computer science)
MWDSMotor Wheel Disposal Site (US EPA; Lansing, MI)
MWDSMissile Warning Display System
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Thousands of MWDs are stationed around the world placing themselves in harm's way detecting bombs, land mines and subduing threatening people; all in the name of keeping Americans safe.
The MWDs of the virgin resins were determined by high temperature gel permeation chromatography (HT-GPC, polymer CHAR) using universal calibration.
The purpose of the Edwards and Briers (1999) study conducted in Texas was to "compare the ranking of in-service needs as determined by direct assessment to a ranking based on a MWDS" (Edwards & Briers, 1999, p.
handlers and MWDs are trained at Joint Base San Antonio, Texas, where they are taught the basics of detection and patrol; unfortunately, they are taught separately.
[124] used a model of the NMP of styrene in tubular reactors based on the pgf technique [62], for the optimization of the process aiming at producing tailor-made MWDs. Optimization variables included the feed rates of styrene, initiator (BPO), and TEMPO at the reactor inlet and lateral feeds, the location of the lateral feeds, and the operating temperature.
The 341st Training Squadron at Lackland Air Force Base procures and trains MWDs for patrol and detection activities, spending approximately 60 days on each type of training.
The MWDS measures the "gap" between importance and preparedness while taking into account the overall importance of a competency as reported by the total number of respondents (Tables 2-7).
(10) Finally, copolymers produced from 2-VOES and CHVE and cationic polymerization are much more well-defined than the highly branched, broad MWD alkyd resins.
The material that remained in each sieve after wet shaking was carefully removed, and the mean weight diameter (MWD) of the aggregate size was calculated as follows:
Other Military Working Dogs (mwds) besides Cairo have figured prominently in a post-9/11 order of security.