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Developers can access the mWeb SDK from Truecaller's global developer portal.
Formed in 2015, VAST Networks brought together the Wi-Fi assets of two key market players (MWeb and Internet Solutions).
During the show SGL will also highlight and discuss key FlashNetfeatures including: Support for AXF; support for Sony's Ci cloud-based service; pre-defined drives for specific archive roles; Avid Interplay mWeb Services plug-in with Partial File Restore powered by Glookast; enhanced API with support for REST Integration; support for DPX Format; and its Amalgamation Service.
Monthly statistical reports (MWeb Search Report) are received from PastPerfect with measurements of searches by type, including Top 10 searches/records of the year, errors encountered, searches with more than 10,000 hits, and searches with no hits.
AFSAT, which is part of the MWEB Africa group of companies, was bought by Telkom in April 2009.
Summary: PeerApp, a leading provider of Content Delivery Platforms and Media Caching, announced today that it has achieved its 100th customer, MWEB, a leading Internet Service Provider in South Africa.
Neotel, has finally launched services over fixed-wireless CDMA and WiMax networks, while smaller ISPs, such as MWeb, have made some inroads in the high-growth DSL market.
Realizing the critical need for protection against dangerous Botnet attacks, carriers like China Mobile, Korea Telecom, Chunghwa Telecom, Zhejiag Mobile, Hanaro Telecom and MWeb have recently deployed DefensePro, Radware's leading IPS, to safeguard their infrastructure.
For details on the congress, contact Francois Nel, National Secretary of the South African Institute of Environmental Health, at <fnell@>.
The advertising company INTERACT F C B that designed the "BALLSED UP!" ad for MWEB (see page 11 of our last issue) informed us that the Dumb Blonde in the image is actually a man dressed up as a Dumb Blonde--and therefore a satire of a Dumb Blonde and not a real Dumb Blonde ha ha!
It now serves well as a logo for our award to MWEB and INTERACT F C B for designing the "BALLSED UP!" advertisement and The Namibian for printing it.