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The size of the steam turbine (36,203 x [10.sup.3] Btu/h thermal capacity, 3.0 MWel) exceeds the average annual electrical load at the CAB.
* Biomass gasification systems available after 2010 in the range of 1 MWel to 10 MWel [7].
To decrease the C[O.sub.2] emission, EE Narva PPs put in 2004 into commercial operation two CFBC units with a total output of 430 MWel. According to [3] the C[O.sub.2] emission from the CFBC unit is at least 20% less compared to PC units.
Estonia has invested into a new 300 MWel power production unit that utilizes oil shale.
Eighteen TP-17 boilers and eight 100 MWel turbines were initially installed in the old part of the plant.