MWFSMid-Wisconsin Financial Services (Medford, WI)
MWFSMonday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
MWFSMaritime Weather Forecasting Services (est. 2010; Philippines)
MWFSMalaysian World Fertility Survey
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Recognizing that both conventional and biobased MWFs will require various additives to function well under various conditions, the goal of our study was to identify categories of these two MWFs and compare and contrast their health and safety aspects on the basis of their composition.
Our study was designed to investigate various categories of petroleum-based MWFs on the market and compare with biobased MWFs in terms of the composition or additives used in their formulations.
Customer comments after three months of testing reveal the range of problems that improperly maintained MWFs can cause and that CIMTECH 310 remedied: "no foam and it doesn't smell bad;" "CIMTECH 310 is cleaner and doesn't develop any smell;" "the oil floats and CIMTECH doesn't degrade;" and "it's cleaner and lower misting in grinding operations."
All except one reported recurrent respiratory and systemic symptoms that were temporally related to working in areas of their respective plants in which MWFs were used: the symptoms of one worker (patient 3) resolved after he was permanently removed from the workplace for medical reasons; the symptoms did not recur.
* The in-process and post-process management of MWFs, including efforts to keep these fluids in a "virgin" state while in use;
Key ingredients to change have been the recent report by OSHA's Standards Advisory Committee as well as EPA's new High Production Volume Challenge Program and the Endocrine Disrupting Studies, which will likely focus concerns on some specific MWF chemicals.