MWHCMinistry of Works, Housing and Communications (Uganda)
MWHCMaximum Water Holding Capacity (soil measure)
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MWHC is the parent of a group of health care-related organizations including Mary Washington Hospital (Mary Washington), a 437-licensed bed acute care hospital located in Fredericksburg, VA, and Stafford Hospital (Stafford), a 100-bed acute care hospital located in Stafford, VA.
MWHC's debt metrics have materially moderated over time and MADS coverage by EBITDA at 4x and MADS as percent of revenues at 3.4% compare favorably to Fitch's 'BBB' medians of 2.7x and 3.6%.
MWHC covenants to provide audited annual financial statements and quarterly disclosure to bondholders.
Soil moisture was adjusted to 60% of MWHC and maintained at that level for all mineralisation assays.
Classification and morphological, chemical, and physical properties of the 2 soils studied Soil property Himatangi soil Kiripaka soil Classification (A) Typic Sandy Recent Typic Orthic Allophanic Origin Dune sand Strongly weathered basalt Drainage class Imperfect Well Texture group Sandy Clayey Morphology Weak crumb and single Strong fine grain, buried polyhedral, topsoil at 40 cm gravels, very firm at 40 cm Mineralogy Mixed Allophanic Topsoil Subsoil Topsoil Subsoil (0-10cm) (50-90 cm) (0-20 cm) (40-80cm) pH 5.1 6.5 6.2 6.1 Total carbon (%) 3.29 0.13 6.97 1.85 Total nitrogen (%) 0.17 0.03 0.61 0.16 Mineral N (mg/kg) 6.5 3.9 23.1 0.7 MWHC (% v/v) 38 27 88 90 CEC (cmol/kg) 9.7 1.8 31.9 20.9 Sand (%) 88 88 19 15 Silt (%) 10 10 38 34 Clay (%) 2 2 43 51 (A) Hewitt (1992).
Following the above experiment, we studied further the effect of moisture contents on degradation of fipronil in soil with widely different water contents (15%, 50%, 70%, 90%, 110%, and 165% MWHC).
The rate and extent of fipronil degradation varied in nonsterile soils with different moisture contents (15-60% MWHC) (Fig.
The sulfide derivative increased with time for the nonsterile soil with 60% MWHC. For other soils, only small amounts of the sulfide derivative were detected with no obvious change with time (Fig.
The nonsterile soils with lower moisture contents (15% and 30% MWHC) had higher concentrations of sulfone derivative (up to 0.14 mg/kg) than the other soil treatments.
Te Awa, Twyford, and Horotiu soils were incubated for 96 days at 20%, 50%, and 100% of MWHC, and at 16 [degrees] C and 22 [degrees] C.
The rates of mineralisation of atrazine in Te Awa, Twyford, and Twyford 2 soils were measured over 263 days at 22 [degrees] C and at 100% MWHC. Conditions were as described above except that the experiment used 25 g soil in 1000-mL containers with 20 mL of alkali trap.
Increasing the moisture content from 20% to 50% or 100% MWHC also increased the rate of mineralisation; the increases were greater in surface soil than in subsoil.