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Rusz and his team collected dozens of scat samples in the shoreline dunes covered in a manner typical of pumas (MWHF 2001a).
This sample was also sent to the Wyoming lab and confirmed to be from a puma (MWHF 2001a).
The team also discovered some old scats on the peninsula that are still awaiting conclusive DNA analysis (MWHF 2001a).
Based on the density of reports, there is growing evidence of a resident cougar population in northeastern Lower Michigan between the towns of Mio and Rogers City and north to Cheboygan; in Emmet County near Cross Village; and between Cadillac and Traverse City in the northwest (MWHF 2001a).
In July 2001, the Foundation team documented a 3.5 inch cougar track on Dale Willey's horse ranch just north of the town of Tower in the Black River Swamp region of Mackinaw State Forest (MWHF 2001a).
On the fourteenth day, he found a suspected set of cat tracks, which were photographed three days later and confirmed to be cougar by retired biologist Harley Shaw, a cougar researcher from Arizona (MWHF 2001a).