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MWIMalawi (ISO Country code)
MWIMobile Web Initiative (World Wide Web Consortium)
MWIMessage-Waiting Indicator (telecommunications)
MWIMessage Waiting Indication
MWIMobile Web Initiative
MWIMemory Write Invalidate
MWIMany-Worlds Interpretation (Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics)
MWIMinistry of Water and Irrigation
MWIMedical Waste Incinerator
MWImicrowave irradiation
MWIMedia Wearout Indicator (computing)
MWIMafia Wars Indonesia (gaming clan)
MWIMarriage Witness Index (UK)
MWIMicrowave Imaging
MWIMountain Wilderness International
MWIMad Wae It!
MWIMedical Waste Institute
MWIMagee Womancare International (Pittsburgh, PA; free preventive healthcare)
MWIMad With It (intoxicated)
MWIMissouri Watershed Initiative
MWIManufacturing Work Instruction
MWIManaging for Weekly Improvement
MWIMet While Incarcerated
MWIManagement Work Instruction
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MWI said it is focussed on providing veterinary practices with the tools and resources they need to compete in the animal health marketplace.
MWI has been at the forefront of combining the wisdom of traditional medicine with the advances and knowledge of current scientific research.
During this period, MWI has acquired twelve spring, stamping and fastener manufacturing companies across the United States.
Pairs of metals which showed a strong correlation were taken as tracers of MWI emissions.
8220;We are delighted to be working with MWI on BE:FIT London,” says show and brand manager Leigh Furgus “Their pitch was outstanding and the work produced by MWI was a clear winner.
In addition to Robinson and Lee, the MWI Formation Board of Directors includes Ed Berry, Leroy Chase, Paul Dolan, M.
MWI signed the first major contract to supply pumps for the district's Everglades Restoration project in November 2008.
To establish users' preferred method of navigation on small screens such as mobile phones, the MWI is calling for participants to take part in a field trial that will help shape how the best practise guidelines are created.
MWI is a total contamination control facility, which means modern samples are kept separate from aged samples.
MWI is one of the largest distributors in the US, serving companion animal, equine, and livestock markets since 1976.
As medicinal mushrooms are being recognized more and more for a varied array of promising health benefits, beyond supporting immune health, MWI has been leading the way with research on the lion's mane mushroom and the introduction of the clinically tested standardized proprietary extract Amyloban 3399.