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MWIRMidwave Infrared
MWIRMedium Wavelength Infrared
MWIRMidwest Import Racing
MWIRMillimeter-Wave Imaging Radar
MWIRMidwest Independant Radicals (gaming clan)
MWIRMammalian-Wide Interspersed Repeat
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The Northwestern team's solution is a detector element made from a stack of detector materials with SWIR sensitive INAS/GASB/ AlSB/GASB on top, MWIR sensitive INAS/ GASB in the middle and LWIR sensitive INAS/GASB in different proportions on the bottom.
The penny has a surface of oxidized copper, and emits MWIR light in a similar manner to a copper-jacketed bullet in flight.
However, the company stresses that advances it has made in its cooled focal plane array detectors (an array of light sensing pixels used to compose a digital image) over the last decade has improved their performance in all environments, to the extent that most of its customers now select MWIR sensors in large formats.
APAC has emerged to be a major consumer of these products and hence, this region will continue to dominate the geographic market share of MWIR by 80% of the total revenue generated in this market.
7-3[micro]m), and MWIR (3-5[micro]m) bands, typically used in military applications not only for vehicle transparent armour but also for sensor protection.
Today Aim offers HiPIR-640 MCI-based MWIR or LW IR 3rd Gen 640x512 formats, 15-micron pixel pitch arrays, with MWIR detectors operating at temperatures exceeding 120K.
The MWIR horizontal field-of-view (HFOV) ranges from 2 to 25.
The ENSTA Bretagne wants to acquire a new MWIR infrared camera for thermal metrology, as well as the associated optics and acquisition and post-processing software for its test center, Dupuy-de-Lme Research Institute.
The pod combines a staring MWIR focal-plane array targeting flir, a CCD camera, and a high-power diode-pumped laser.
Ariel) require high-performance detectors operating at 40 K in the MWIR wavelength range (2 to 8 um).