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MWKMalawian Kwacha (ISO currency code)
MWKMidwest Kings (band)
MWKMarried with Kids (profile slang)
MWKMistress Wycked Kytten
MWKMechanische Werkstatt Knappert (German: Mechanical Workshop Knappert; Germany)
MWKMississippi White Knights (Ku Klux Klan)
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MWK Renningen, with 2013 revenues of EUR28m (USD39m) and a staff of 195, develops and produces cast aluminum products mainly for the automotive industry, according to the buyer's statement.
Mean (range) p value Wealth index Poorest 107 72.1 (1.0-660.0) 0.08 Wealthiest 74 47.9 (1.0-360.0) Place of residence Urban 20 14.1 (1.0-60.0) <0.001 Rural 167 68.9 (1.0-660.0) Type of provider Untrained 51 26.2 (1.0-120.0) <0.001 Trained 136 76.8 (1.0-660.0) Type of facility Government 63 59.4 (1.0-360.0) 0.09 Private 73 91.8 (1.0-660.0) Direct costs (MWK) ([dagger]) (n=214) ([double dagger]) Variable No.
Concurrent validity of the MWK versus subjective and other objective physical activity measures was previously investigated elsewhere (Herrmann et al., 2011).
The total loan is set to 4667.4 MWK. As a result the expected losses per acre in MWK are
They're gaining the loyalty of the shoppers who could have a better life by being able to buy gluten-free products," says Mark Krakauer, president of MWK Marketing, a sales and business development consultant based in Great Neck, N.Y.
The Type MWK microwave unit is featured in the company's four-page, color brochure.
"As a broker one of the most important things you do is assure that the retailer is putting its name on a product that offers quality as well as value," explains Mark Krakauer, founder and president of MWK Associates.
Replacement new double-dker loschwitz with the following details: - new building 135 m mwk dn 1500, - new construction 260 m mwk dn 400, - new building 370 m culvert dn 300, - new building 370 m dker dn 500, - new building 160 m mwk dn 1500, - new building rb 2500 m 3 , - new construction of 3 pumping stations.
German Callista Private Equity GmbH & Co KG said it had acquired full control of local aluminum foundries MWK Renningen GmbH and MWK Schwaebisch Gmuend GmbH from GeorgsmarienhUtte Group, which serves the mobility, energy and mechanical engineering segments, for an undisclosed amount.
In der ersten Forderphase von 2014 bis 2017 unterstutzte das Ministerium fur Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Wurttemberg (MWK) sieben Projekte, die BaWu-Labs, mit einem Gesamtvolumen von rund 7,5 Millionen Euro.
The event was hosted by the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Wurttemberg (MWK), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the accompanying research team ForReal (2).