MWLSMike Wills Learning Services (UK)
MWLSMulti-Wavelength Laser Source (Pelton)
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In the study reported in this paper, the MWLS and EFG methods were used to solve problems of chloride transport by diffusion in concrete structure.
MLS is adopted as an approximation scheme in MWLS and EFG methods.
Mental workload (MWL) factor as perceived by the student has a great deal of importance on AM.
The current study was planned to see whether there were differences between MWL and AM scales or not in medical students.
As a consequence, MWLS coefficient estimates are invariant; and the [u.sub.t]s within each recursion are iid.
We define I[G.sub.t-1/GD[P.sub.t-1] to be the state variable and use MWLS to derive state-dependent coefficient estimates in (10).
At the end of each 6-min trial, operators completed a subjective rating of mental workload (MWL).
Table 3 summarizes the secondary task performance data for the six encounter types (with MWL Means for comparison purposes).
The statistical characteristics of both daily returns and excess returns and the specification of parametric and nonparametric test statistics are examined using the MWLS results.(10)
The MWLS regression model produces heteroscedastic, skewed excess returns that are approximately normal.
Toward the structural investigation, various lignins are produced via different degradation processes, such as milled wood lignin (MWL), acidic lignin, sulfite lignin, soda lignin, kraft lignin, organosolv lignin, cellulolytic enzyme lignin (CEL), enzymatic mild acidolysis lignin (EMAL), and lignin from thioacidolysis process [2].
MWL is produced via the extraction of milled sample particles from LCBM with a neutral organic solvent (e.g., 1,4-dioxane) under mild conditions to remove other components.